I found this training to be extremely helpful because it combined current knowledge-base with lived experiences. I feel like I now have more confidence in supporting clients with DID, using appropriate language, and advocacy. I highly recommend this training to all clinicians so they can better serve underserved and historically marginalized folks who deserve competent care around not only DID but support and care around all other facets of their lives.

Cassidy Laminack, LPC, LMFT

Hill Country Therapy

Before this training I was uninformed, confused and intimidated when working with folks who are multiple. I just sort of ignored the the fact that my client had DID or OSDD, unless they brought it up, which now I know is at best, just not that helpful, and at worst, harmful to them. This training has completely changed my view of what it is like to be multiple, and how to treat these clients. Now I feel like I can empathize and be helpful, and I even feel less judgmental. Calion is a gentle, yet thorough trainer, and I wish I left all trainings feeling this competent and knowlegeable.

Summer Hough, LPC

Out Youth

The training is very comprehensive and affirming for different stages of knowledge about DID. The information is informed from the limited amount of research available about DID and goes beyond with information from multiple systems of lived experience.

Calion gives ample space for questions and contemplation. When a question was asked that he may not have the answer for a follow up email soon followed with resources and information. I would highly recommend Calion’s training about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) for any provider that works with folks with trauma. It is a good foundation of affirming people and meeting people where they are at. My confidence was immediately boosted in working with folks and systems.

The information learned in the trainings was instantly usable. It created relief for clients, knowing that I understood what they were explaining and being able to affirm them and their experiences. This information you can’t just read about, it is something that needs to be discussed to understand the nuances. And the folks of lived experience are the experts. Utilize the trainings offered to be a better provider and boost your confidence.

Wes C., LMSW

Out Youth

I found it helpful learning the two different types of treatment methods as well as the different types of alters.

Trish Jones, Case Manager

Reflection Ministries of Texas

This training laid a firm foundation in the beginning of my education on DID. My background is as educator and as a coach. Now serving as Education Coordinator, I am focused on building the infrastructure for the education paths for those choosing to be restored from trafficking. This training is a must for teams needing initial training or continuing education. My biggest take aways are that it takes a team for provide the best opportunity for restoration and the section on different types of alters has been helpful with current residents. Calion teaches and provides the platform for practical situations for groups to apply the information. Calion Consulting is worth the investment.

Karin Carlson, Education Coordinator

Reflection Ministries of Texas


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