Dissociative Identity Disorder Training Programs

for organizations

by lived experience expert, Calion Smith

Dissociative Identity Disorder Training Programs

for organizations

by lived experience expert, Calion Smith

Gain a comprehensive understanding of dissociative identity disorder (DID) during an evidence and lived experience based training program. This is perfect for anti-trafficking, mental health advocacy, and non-profit organizations.

People with DID are frequently rejected from recovery and residential services due to lack of knowledge on how to care for them. With this training, your organization can change that.

Why learn about DID?

Dissociative identity disorder affects a surprisingly large percentage of the population, meaning that your organization likely has or will work with several living with the condition. Employing the trauma-informed perspectives this training teaches will ensure you can adequately meet the needs of people with DID.

[Sources for statistics listed: 1, 2, 3]

1-3% of the population has dissociative identity disorder

6% of psychiatric outpatients have DID


The most common cause of DID is childhood sexual trauma

63% of human trafficking victims have dissociative amnesia

This training will empower your organization to meet the needs of survivors with dissociative identity disorder

Your organization will learn from both current research and lived experience, directly from a trafficking survivor with DID

This training covers:

    • Understanding how and why dissociative identity disorder forms, and its connection to childhood trauma
    • Basic treatment protocols for DID
    • Essential terminology
    • Information about the different types of identities/alters present in someone with DID
    • How to handle dissociative amnesia, fugue, and other symptoms during care and treatment
    • Understanding how to support unique alters: abusive, non-human, protector, child, and other types
    • Tips on creating a client-oriented treatment goal to lead to independence
    • Unique experiences: voices, inner worlds, subjective experience of having multiple identities
    • Things to avoid during treatment
    • How dissociation is a protective mechanism
    • (Optional) Understanding DID in child trafficking survivors
    • (Optional) Gender and sexuality in people with DID

All trainings are customized to meet your organization’s goals and needs

Training Includes:

2-hour comprehensive presentation on dissociative identity disorder

1.5 hour
Q&A and discussion session, based in evidence & lived experience

1.5 hour practice session with realistic situations practitioners may  encounter


All trainings are provided on a sliding fee scale, dependent on the revenue of your organization. This allows us to have the broadest reach while being fairly compensated.

Training can be completed virtually or in-person. In-person training outside the Albany, NY area will include travel and accommodation costs.

Calion’s Experience & Qualifications

Calion Smith is a survivor of child trafficking who has lived with dissociative identity disorder. He has personally experienced both possible treatment paths and has been involved in the DID community since 2017. His consulting work has reached throughout Europe and the US. 


20+ years of lived experience with Dissociative identity disorder


5 years working as a speaker and trauma educator


4 years of dissociative identity disorder community advocacy


3 years of self-study with ISSTD research and related studies


Direct experience with both dissociative identity disorder treatment paths

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