Dissociative Identity Disorder Consultations

Based in evidence and lived experience

This consulting will help take the guesswork out of working with your dissociative identity disorder clients, by providing you with a wealth of information based on self-studied research, direct lived experience, and community outreach.

This is perfect for you if: You are looking for lived-experience informed ways to better support your dissociative clients. You need help sorting through complex dissociative experiences, like changing persecutor alters. You want to help your client understand themselves and their treatment options, from a firsthand perspective of someone who has experienced both treatments.

If any of this resonates, book a consultation session. Every one is based in both evidence and lived experience, making it deeply trauma-informed and positively impactful.

During a consultation, you can:

These dissociative identity disorder consultations frequently cover these topics, but are open to any questions and discussions you wish to have. 

Differentiate between psychosis and dissociative symptoms

Understanding what your client is experiencing is key to helping them. This is a common consultation topic, and for good reason! Differentiating between psychosis and DID experiences is nuanced.

Here, we can discuss anything from: hearing voices vs. talking with alters, alter self-perception, non-human alters, feeling watched or listened to, and more that your client may be experiencing. Many of the common experiences with DID are confused as psychosis, but with a subjective lived-experience perspective, you can learn skills that can help you differentiate them.

Explore potential treatment routes

There are two valid treatment options for dissociative identity disorder: final fusion and resolution/functional multiplicity. This consultation can help better inform you on the process and experiences associated with each path, helping you determine which is best for your client, or better educate your client about their options.

Take out the guesswork

With both evidence and lived experience, plus conversations with hundreds of people living with DID, this consultation can be used to ask any questions you wish. It’ll help remove any confusion, doubt, and concerns you have about understanding dissociative identity disorder.

Unlike with someone strictly academic, the lived experience component provides direct insight into life with DID.

Discover how to fully support your client's unique needs

If you’ve been worried you don’t understand enough about dissociative identity disorder to adequately support your client, this consultation will provide you with a wealth of information to fill in the gaps. We’ll talk about your concerns and I’ll answer any questions you have about life with DID.

Experience & Qualifications


20+ years of lived experience with Dissociative identity disorder


5 years working as a speaker and trauma educator


4 years of dissociative identity disorder community advocacy


4 years of self-study with ISSTD research and related studies


Direct experience with both dissociative identity disorder treatment paths

Time and time again, people with DID have said their best therapists were those that pursued continued education and consulting. They had the empathy, drive to learn, and held the client as an expert of their own lived experience. 

This is why I do this work—to empower all mental health practitioners to become true helpers to each and everyone one of their clients. As someone who lived with dissociative identity disorder for over 20 years, I recognize the vital importance of this training. As an avid reader of current research, studies, and hundreds of stories of lived experience, I bring this all together in my consultations.



For MH practitioners: $130/hour

For individual social workers, therapists, psychiatrists, etc.


Full 1-hour consultation session

Email support for one month, for additional questions

30 minute consults: $70


For students: $90/hour

For students in any mental health field


Full 1-hour consultation session

Email support for one month, for additional questions

30 minute consults: $50


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