Dissociative Identity Disorder

Resources, Training, & Consulting

Evidence and lived experience based

At least 1% of people live with Dissociative identity disorder

This means education and training on the condition is essential for all trauma-informed practitioners. Here, you can find consulting, training, and resources on the condition. This education is meant for all mental health professionals, pyschology students, systems, and their loved ones.


Understanding & Treating DID Training

Continue your education with this dissociative identity disorder training for mental health professionals and students. Based in ISSTD treatment protocols and supplemented with lived experience.

Professional Expertise Consultations

Working with a client who has dissociative identity disorder? Have specific questions? This dissociative identity disorder consulting can provide expert insight based in evidence and lived experience.

Training for Anti-Trafficking Organizations

Comprehensive training programs for anti-trafficking and advocacy organizations on dissociative identity disorder. Based in ISSTD treatment protocols and supplemented with lived experience.

About Calion

Calion is a lived experience expert and educator on the topic of dissociative identity disorder, a chronic mental health condition most often caused by severe childhood trauma. He believes it is essential for all mental health practitioners to know about, especially those working with childhood trauma survivors. There is a lack of training and expertise out there and what is out there is missing the touch of lived experience. Calion aims to change that.

His experience is based in studying research, including from the International Society for the Study of Dissociation and Trauma, plus lived experience with the condition. Calion is also a child trafficking survivor and is ultimately passionate about raising awareness for this, alongside breaking down mental health stigma.

Free Resources


Sourced articles on dissociative identity disorder, OSDD, and lived experience with DID treatment.


Lived experience and practical resources for people with dissociative identity disorder and treatment providers.


Community-centric and educational posts for systems and people working with dissociative identity disorder clients.